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‘Science with and for Society’ will be instrumental in addressing the European societal challenges tackled by Horizon 2020, building capacities and developing innovative ways of connecting science to society. It will make science more attractive, raise the interest of society for innovation, and initiate research and innovation activities.

It places emphasis on allowing all societal actors to work together during the whole research and innovation process in order to better align both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of European society. This approach is called Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and is mainstreamed throughout Horizon 2020.

Some of the specific activities for ‘Science with and for Society’ are the following: 

  • Making scientific and technological careers attractive to young students, and fostering sustainable interaction between schools, research institutions, industry and civil society organisations; 
  • Integrating society in science and innovation issues, policies and activities in order to integrate citizens' interests and values and to increase the quality, relevance and sustainability of research and innovation outcomes in various fields of activity, from social innovation to areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology; 
  • Encouraging citizens to engage in science through formal and informal science education, and promote the diffusion of science-based activities, namely in science centers and other appropriate channels; 


Science with and for Society will have its own Work Programme comprising of calls, grants to identified beneficiaries, expert groups and public procurements grouped together under 'other actions' to further develop, disseminate and support good Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) practices all across Europe.


Some of the open calls (deadline: 2/10/2014) are the following:

  • Call for promoting Gender Equality in Research and Innovation
  • Call for Developing Governance for the Advancement of Responsible Research and Innovation
  • Call for integrating Society in Science and Innovation
  • Call for making science education and careers attractive for young people


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