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assitmelogoFrom 2013-01-01 to 2016-12-31

ASSIST-ME sets out to elaborate a framework for the use of formative and summative assessment methods to support and to improve inquiry-based approaches in European science, technology and mathematics (STM) education. Based on an analysis of what is known about summative and formative assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to key STM competences and an analysis of European educational systems, the project will design a range of combined assessment methods.

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The Pri-Sci-Net project is arriving towards its end. However, to the partnership, this is a period of intense work as we bring together all the effort that the project partnership has been involved in during the whole project duration. It is also a time of excitement as we see our hard work reflected in actions and deliverables. The project has already achieved major milestones, these being:

  • Three international training courses: Three international courses have been organised and delivered in the Czech Republic in January 2013, in Crete in July 2013, and in Salzburg in February 2014. These training courses were attended by teachers from different European countries and provided a real European experience. It was a pleasure to have teachers all sharing their experiences and being training in inquiry science in upper junior years, early years, as well as in informal and non formal aspects of primary science;

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nIn the week 17-20th February 2014, the Pri-Sci-Net 3rd International Training Course was delivered by the project partnership in Salzburg, Austria. This training course was coordinated by the Austrian Partners – Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur (BM:UKK) and focused on organising inquiry-based learning activities at primary level within informal and non formal education settings. 30 teachers from 12 different European countries participated in the training course. 

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Come and share your experience and success in doing science with young children! The Pri-Sci-Net is calling on all those schools and teachers in primary education who are committed to doing science through inquiry to apply for the Certificate of Excellence in Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE).

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Call for Applications 

for Emergent Researchers in Primary Science 

Recognition for Excellence in Research on IBSE Certificate

Deadline for submission of application: 5th June  2014

PRI-SCI-NET is inviting emergent researchers of all ages: those who are doing a post-doc, have just completed and/or are doing their doctorate, or have completed their masters and have been involved in research in science education at primary/pre secondary level to apply for the Certificate of Excellence in Research on Inquiry-based learning in Science Education.

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  • The Inquiry in Primary Science Education (IPSE) Journal, an Open Access peer reviewed Journal is launched.


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