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Monday, 12 March 2012 00:09

Trnava University,Slovakia

The Faculty of Educa­tion of Trnava Univer­sity in Trnava was estab­lished by the Academic Senate of Univer­sity of Trnava as one of the consti­tu­tive facul­ties of the re-estab­lished Trnava Univer­sity. The faculty caters for pre-primary,

primary and secondary educa­tion and is one of the best evalu­ated peda­gog­ical insti­tutes targeting future teachers’ prepa­ra­tion in Slovakia as well a reknown insti­tute for guarded and mean­ingful imple­men­ta­tion of inno­va­tions within the educa­tional system. A complementary Faculty of Pedagogy has been concerned with IBSE development, international project FAST (Foun­da­tional Approaches in Science Teaching) and a part­ner­ship with La main à la pâte. Trnava University offers an accredited in-service teacher training course aimed at IBSE implementation. Through its active cooperation with the State Pedagogical Institute which is responsible for the preparation of the national curriculum university, Trnava now contributes to a larger dissemination of IBSME in different regions of Slovakia and towards the renewal of the Slovakian curricula based on IBSE. Furthermore the University cooperates with the Methodology and Pedagogy Centre in Bratislava that provides CPD for teachers in Slovakia.

The Pri-Sci-Net Team

Dr. Kristina Zoldosova works on Pri-Sci-Net and is a lecturer within the Department of Preschool and Elementary Education and the head for the development of primary science education within the Faculty of Education. She has a rich expertise in science literacy development and in the promotion of science learning motivation with particular reasearch interests in science process skills development and in teachers´ views of innovative systems of science education amongst others.

Mr. Lubomir Held is a lecturer within the Chemistry Department on didatics of sciences at secondary level.

Ms Maria Orolinoca  is an assistant lecturer within the department of Chemistry on both didatics of sciences and environmental issues within science education.