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Thursday, 01 May 2014 00:00

Hands on Science Association

The Hands-on Science Network was established as an outcome of the Comenius 3 project “Hands on Science”. It is a non-profit organization registered in Portugal and has around 200 institutional members, in the vast majority of EU origin.

The Network aims to develop and improve scientific literacy in society and science education in EU schools through extended use of investigative hands-on experimental activities in the classroom and in non-formal or informal environments both within and outside the school. About a thousand teachers and educators from kindergarten to high and vocational training schools including special education institutions and over 20000 pupils have been directly and actively involved in its activities. Different websites disseminating information in different countries, using the local language, are used to further facilitate dissemination among network members.

The Pri-Sci-Net Team

Manuel Filipe Costa was the Coordinator of the Socrates/Comenius 3 project “Hands -on Science, and national coordinator of the European projects Comenius 2 AESTIT and On-the-Edge, and the ERASMUS IPUC projects TFPC. He has produced several educational hands -on science experiments kits and organized and delivered numerous lectures, training courses, hands -on activities’ sessions, science fairs, international conferences, workshops and training courses. Dr. Costa is also the President of the board of the Portuguese Association for the promotion of science and technology education, AECT and the Founder and President the “Hands -on Science Network.

Carlos Filipe Lima is a physicist and the Secretary of the General Assembly of the Hands -on Science Network. He has published several works in physics education and participated in different demonstration and dissemination activities as well as teacher training in different topics including optics and robotics.

Jose Filipe Fernandes is school teacher in basic and vocational schools and is the coordinator of both the educational robotics clubs and Robocup research lab in different schools. He is national coordinator of several Comenius 1 school co-operation projects in science and technology.