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Tuesday, 13 March 2012 00:14

PriSciNet Vision of IBSE

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based science at primary level is a teaching and learning framework with implications about learning science, learning to do science, and learning about science.

In this framework:

  • engage actively in the learning process with emphasis on observations and experiences as sources of evidence;
  • tackle authentic and problem based learning activities where the correctness of an answer is evaluated only with respect to the available evidence and getting to a correct answer may not be the main priority;
  • practice and  develop the skills of systematic observation, questioning, planning and recording to obtain evidence;
  • participate in collaborative group work, interact in a social context, construct discursive argumentation and communicate with others as the main process of learning;
  • develop  autonomy and self-regulation through experience

The teacher scaffolds and guides learning by providing a role model of an inquiring learner. The teacher does not function, in the eyes of the children, as the sole bearer of expert knowledge. Instead, the main role of the teacher is to facilitate negotiation of ideas and to highlight criteria for formulating classroom knowledge.

Assessment is mainly formative, providing feedback to the teaching and learning process for all classroom participants. 

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