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The Milestones

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PRI-SCI-NET consists of 9 main milestones that mark the achievement of significant parts of the project and on which the subsequent advancements often depend. These milestones include:

The project website (Month M6):

The website is the project’s window and provides a description of what the project’s vision, aims and objectives, the deliverables, the partners involved as well as the activities and resources that can be downloaded and used. It forms part of the dissemination process.

The 45 selected science activities (Month M9):

A total of 45activities using Inquiry-based learning approachwill be selected for futher development for publication and disseminated for use in primary schools. These activities will cover three different age groups at primary level, namely for; ages 3-5; ages 6-8 and ages 9-11, as well as the range of topics that are usually covered in most of the syllabi at this age.

Network for Primary Science Educators and teacher trainers (Month M6):

A virtual network will be set up for primary science educators and teacher trainers to network and correspond. This enables the consortium to reach out to those doing pre -service and in -service training in primary science teaching and so be in a position to influence what happens in the classroom.

Network for primary science teachers and teacher-trainers (Month 8)

A virtual network will also be set up for primary science teachers and teacher-trainers. This enables the consortium to engage and encourage teachers to make use of the national and international training and conferences to support the quality of their teaching and to upload material which teachers can then download for use in the classroom.

Evaluation of Science Activities (Month M16):

The evaluation of the 45 Primary activities using the IBSE approach will provide information on how the developed science activities impact classroom practice across different cultures and will be ready for development for publication.

Final publication of science activities (Month M18):

These are the published 45 activities in primary science using the IBSE approach in 15 different languages. These are key resources that teachers can utilise, even after the end of the project, as part of their teaching and to implement new pedagogies within their respective classes. Information and training on how best to implement these activities will be provided to teachers in a series of in-service training that is scheduled to take place across 16 partner countries.  

First international conference (Month M18):

This conference will be held in Portugal and will mark the first main achievement in reaching out to teachers directly. It will also act as a platform to celebrate the Teachers’ Recognition of Excellence in IBSE approach in primary

Online International Journal of Primary Science Education (Month M27):

This marks the first publication of the project’s online International Journal of Primary Science Education.This journal provides a platform to publish research carried out in the area of Inquiry -based learning in primary science education.

Second international conference: (Month M28):

The second International conference will be held in Malta and marks the culmination of PRI-SCI-NET project. It will bring together all players who have either participated or been impacted, during the three years in any way by the project and also all the work achieved during the whole project duration. 

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