Pri-Sci-Net intends to create and offer a number of training opportunities for primary teachers and teacher trainers across Europe with the aim of promoting Inquiry-based learning in Science with young children. The following are a number of upcoming Pri-Sci-Net initiatives for the academic year 2012-13 and for which there is some funding to also support the participation of teachers.

  1. International Teacher-Training Course in Czech Republic: This training course in the beginning of 2013 (January 28 – 1st February 2013) focuses on inquiry-based learning for older primary school children. It aims to bring together part of the team from Pri-Sci-Net to train teacher-trainers and all those involved in training other teachers at both initial and in-service how to do science with children;
  2. National Training Courses in partners countries: All partners (MT, PT, UK, FR, EL, CY, FI, TR, AT, DE, CZ, LT, and BE) will be organising training courses for teachers in their own country. These courses are free and open for those who are interested to improve their skills in teaching science to young children. Please contact the coordinator or the partner in your country to know more;
  3. International Conference in Cyprus, 4-6 September 2013: Pri-Sci-Net will be holding its first international conference within the ESERA conference and will give space to teachers and science researchers to share experiences of success in IBSE with each other.
  4. Recognition of Excellence for IBSE Certificate: The project aims to recognise good efforts and good practice by primary teachers in the classroom and thus will each year, recognise a number of teachers for their quality work in the classroom. Those achieveing the Recognition of Excellence Certificate will be supported to attend the International Conference in Cyprus to receive the Certificate;


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