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Monday, 12 March 2012 23:53

Workpackage Two: Development of Teacher Resources

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Start date or starting event: Month 1 – Month 18
Total number of deliverables: 5
Lead Partner: KATHO


  • To agree on criteria for IBSE and for identifying topic areas for activities at primary level;
  • To identify the 45 science activities for further development and publication;
  • To evaluate in the classroom the implementation of 15 of these activities to study the effect of language and culture;
  • To set up the Knowledge Management Committee which in this WP will develop guidelines for implementation of ethical aspects during the evaluation process;
  • To have the first project meeting;
  • To have the second project meeting;
  • To translate all the activities in 15 European languages (Translations to other languages will probably include the following: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Dutch, French, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Slovenian, Greek, Slovak, Czech and Russian); and
  • To develop all 45 activities in a format for publication (soft and hard copies)

 List of Deliverables 

  1. Samples of 45 activities for primary science: Month 7
  2. Evaluation report on impact of activities: Month 16
  3. Finalized 45 activities in 15 languages: Month 18
  4. Compiled Evaluation report of external evaluators: Month 18
  5. Guidelines for Ethics: Month 7
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